Guardian Advocate Training

NAMI Broward County offers free Guardian Advocate Training

A “Guardian Advocate,” under Florida Statutes Chapter 394, more commonly known as “The Baker Act,” is a court-appointed individual who communicates and collaborates with a patient, his or her attending psychiatrist, as well as the entire treatment team of mental health professionals, to advocate for the best interest of the patient during his or her stay at a hospital. This volunteer position is not only a chance to make a difference in the lives of the patients by playing an active role in their mental health treatment, but also an opportunity for you to become acquainted with the mental health system and its inner-workings, which are unfamiliar to most of the public.

While it is a priority for the Hospital and the Courts to appoint a patient’s parents, children, relatives or adult friends as his or her Guardian Advocate, it is an unfortunate reality that sometimes, these options are unavailable or unwilling. For this reason, we need volunteers to serve in this capacity, and lighten the load for our few existing advocates. To become eligible, and certified to serve in the capacity as a Guardian Advocate, you must review a short packet of required material, and successfully complete an online self-examination.

NAMI Broward County one-day training provides thorough information such as responsibilities, ethical considerations, ways to be most effective in the decision-making processes involved, as well as details regarding varying mental health diagnoses, treatment plans and medications thereof.

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